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Argan and proteins


Quick bleach powder.


Brightens up to 7 tones.


Light hair with lots of brightness and balance.




The oil originates from a fruit that only exists in Morocco. It has vitamins A, D and E, in addition to essential fatty acids, which contributes to an antioxidant action. It has properties that will moisturize the hair and strengthen the capillary fiber. Its versatility makes it useful in closing the cuticles and avoiding the undesirable frizz, being an important regenerative oil, which will bring back the softness and an intense glow. Oil can also be used as Pós-escova finalizer, mixed in hair dye and bleaching powder to alleviate the aggressiveness of chemicals or mixed with treatment masks.



Like any other protein, when in contact with clean hair, that is, with the layers open, it penetrates and acts inside the wire. In the internal part, the Prteínas act in the reconstruction of damaged tissues and protect the wires from external aggressions, such as sun, pollution, chemistry (dye, progressive, discoloration and etc.) and mechanics (flat iron, brush, baby Liss and etc.).



Clears up to 7 tones

using gloves, in a non-metallic container, place a measurement (50g) of hair bleaching powder drop Brazil and add 100ml of hydrogen peroxide 10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes. Mix until you get a homogeneous mass.
Apply on the Wicks according to a professional's technique.

300g pot