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Pitaya Hydration


All kinds of hair.


Moisturize, nurture, strengthen and protect.


Light hair with lots of brightness and balance.




Pitaya or even dragon fruit as it is known in the Northeast, is a fruit that has been consumed in several Brazilian regions, served in restaurants Paulista and in other states of Brazil and very well accepted.
This fruit also has a wide variety of antioxidants, among them vitamin C. Thus, it also contributes to combat the performance of free radicals on the skin and hair. It assists in the proper functioning of the immune system and prevents heart disease, as it reduces the LDL cholesterol index and improves blood pressure.



Elaborated on the basis of an exotic fruit with a light flavor, sweetened and with a creamy texture, the deep moisturizing cream Pitaya of a moisturizing effect, restorative and revitalizing, acting directly in the liquid replenishment, instantly eliminating the Drying of the wires. Promotes alignment of the bridges of Cistinas contained in the capillary cortex, giving the perfect aspect that only the hair treated with the products drop Brazil presents.

Wash your hair with Drop shampoo Brazil.
Soon after, apply the deep moisturizing cream essence of Pitaya drop Brazil. Massage the hair well and let act for 20 to 40 minutes without cap.
Rinse with cold or lukewarm water to finish, brush and plank.

Pot of 500g or 1kg